"Flowers of Romen"

The fourth compact disk "Flowers of Romen” became logical continuation of the creative work of the orchestra. Traditionally it consists of the best samples of the classical, folk music of Ukrainian and world variety. Success mostly depended on the soloists and they carried out this task very well.

Lesja Bonkovska is known in Ukraine as a fine actress, and a wonderful singer. Real nobleness and charisma, fine sense of music and poetry – these are the features which made us remind spectators the unique pearls of 60th  - 70th years of the last  century.
Filigree technique, unsurpassed timbre was shown by Roman Levchak. He amazed spectators with his interpretations of very complicated musical works, understanding of style features and high professionalism.

Timbre of cymbalo allows the orchestra to immerse in the world of folk melodies. Vladimir Slupyk very successfully showed the sounding of the instrument in music of different peoples, at the same time he impressed the spectators by his masterly technique and timbre variety.

Big gratitude is given to patrons of art: "Nestle” and "Gelikon” ("Mazda”) and to all good people who  helped this album to appear.