Stars in your eyes

Recording of the first compact disk of the orchestra "Stars in your eyes” sets some tasks:

  • Presentation of the orchestra as a creative subdivision of the national theatre named after M. Zankovetska
  • Acquaintance of the general audience with trend of style and concert repertoire of the orchestra
  • Promotion of professional potential of the orchestra in the whole and its soloists (artists) of the orchestra and actors of drama.

That’s why "Stars in your eyes” consists of 5 orchestra compositions, 6 solo with orchestra works:

  • solist are the artists of the orchestra: R. Levchak (flauto),
  • T. Ivasyk (violin),
  • V. Lupyk (dulcimer),
  • A. Vakula (saxofon),
  • P. Sichko (trumpet),

...and 4 vocal creations

  • soloists are the actors of the drama O.Bonkovska
  • Ja. Muka,
  • L. Ostrynska,
  • P. Tolstoy.