About us

Orchestra of the National drama theatre named after M. Zankovetska is one of the best orchestras of Ukraine. It is the author many concert programs which were represented on the Ukrainian stage and abroad with great success. The orchestra took part in many international festivals.

The repertoire of the orchestra is very various, it consists of compositions of classical music (Vivaldi, Danzi, Krommer, Mozart, Bruch, Piazzolla), national melodies (Ukrainian, Balkan, Gipsy, Jewish, Latin-American), jazz composition and hits of the world variety. The best part of these compositions is recorded on four compact discs. Audience always accepts concert performances of the orchestra with great interest and constant success.

In 2008 began the unique in Europe project "the New life”, where the best blind vocalists from all regions Ukraine sing accompanied by orchestra. During the year seven concerts have taken place (five in Ukraine, one in Poland, one in Belarus). Organizing committee plans to invite blind singers from other countries of Europe to participate in the project.

The orchestra can prepare concert programs for order, cooperate with soloist-vocalist and instrumentalists.

The orchestra is the owner of Grand Prix of International festivals "Podlaska oktawa kultur” (2009, Poland), "Plai natal” (2010, Moldova).